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A Miltown Kings show can be, and usually is, a million different things. It is a completely unique form of performance art. The Kings perform both individually as well as in group acts. The acts range from sexy to funny to thought provoking. Audience members are witness to political statements, gender fluidity and challenges to societal norms. Occasionally a fan will find a King on their lap. When the Kings perform, they give physical form to the music. Being on the stage allows the performers to explore any person they ever wanted to be. Each King has a distinct persona; there's the bad ass, the hopeless romantic, the goof ball, the dirty old man, etc. The possibilities are endless.

leo long

Leo performing 'Karma Police' Leo Long performing 'Flies Like Sheep' Leo Long doing 'Voodoo' Good Touch Bad Touch


Philosophy/ Personal Statement: As long as you need it.

Birthday: Nov 26th

Sign: Sag

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Red


Color: Black n Red

Animal: Big Bad Wolf

Movie: Death Proof

Song: Can't just pick one..I live music...but if I did it would probably be by Maynard J. Keening

Food: A good hamburger.

Drink: Jameson

Scent: Right after the rain.

Hobby: Causing mischief.

Place to go: Where my friends are.

Cartoon: Cartoon wolf from old Looney Tunes

Body Part: Neck

Role Model: My drag dad Vicktor Huge-O

Quote: "I could ride you at a gallop till your legs buckled and your eyes rolled up. I've got muscles that you've never dreamed of. I could squeeze you until you popped like warm campaign and you begged me to hurt you just a little bit more"

Pickup Line: You-Me-My Pants-NOW!

For Fun

What would you do with one million dollars?: Become extremely eccentric

Prankster or Angel: Prankster for sure!

Pet Peeve: People that don't take responsibility for themselves.

Silk or Lace: Leather- cause I'm difficult.

Can you curl your tongue?: Nope but I can do plenty other things with it..

Best Super Power: The power to get others naked.

Biggest Addiction: The sound of people screaming while I'm on stage.

If you could travel any where in the world, where would you go?:Rome

Getting Personal

Biggest Turn on: Confidence

Biggest Turn off: Complaining

Sexiest thing you own: Lots of rope.

Ideal Date: I'll tie you to a railroad track- but I'll bring you flowers.

Hanky Color: Depends on the day but usually Orange left pocket.

Ultimate Fantasy: Have someone sweep ME off my feet and take me on a date.

Sexiest Body Part: Where the shoulders attach to the neck.

Best song to strip to: "You can leave your Hat on" Etta James.

Does size matter?: It's the motion in the ocean but you gotta be able to feel the boat.

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