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A Miltown Kings show can be, and usually is, a million different things. It is a completely unique form of performance art. The Kings perform both individually as well as in group acts. The acts range from sexy to funny to thought provoking. Audience members are witness to political statements, gender fluidity and challenges to societal norms. Occasionally a fan will find a King on their lap. When the Kings perform, they give physical form to the music. Being on the stage allows the performers to explore any person they ever wanted to be. Each King has a distinct persona; there's the bad ass, the hopeless romantic, the goof ball, the dirty old man, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Kenny Duer

Kenny Duer doing 'Sexy Back' Kenny Duer and Faye Tahl Kenny Duer Kenny Duer Kenny Duer and Faye Tahl doing 'Sister of Night'


Philosophy/ Personal Statement: Kenny Duer

Birthday: July 21

Sign: Cancer

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Brown when I haven't dyed it.


Color: Green

Animal: Wolf (that's why I make such a good pack leader)

Movie: Too many to list but if it's by Kevin Smith or John Waters I'm for it.

Song: Anything in my vocal range.

Food: Ribs hands down!

Drink: Raspberry Ginger Ale now that I'm non alcoholic before that a good English Gin and Tonic

Scent: Anarchy

Hobby: Mixing music and teaching my son new words.

Place to go: Miltown Kings shows (I know I know shameless self promotion but who said I have shame?)

Cartoon: Reboot and The Simpsons but the Simpsons is more like a religion for me.

Body Part: On me? My vocal chords On a lady the curve in the center of her back.

Role Model: Good Question my bro Leo when it comes to performing definitely

Quote: “In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.” Robert Frost

Pickup Line: It's not my fault I fell in love. You are the one that tripped me.

for fun

What would you do with one million dollars? Buy a house and a new car and donate what I could to my friends and family.

Prankster or Angel: Prankster

Pet Peeve: Flakes

Silk or Lace: Silk. I like things to be touchable and smooth.

Can you curl your tongue?: That's not the only thing I can do with it.

Best Super Power: Telepathy and mind reading

Biggest Addiction: Drag

If you could travel any where in the world, where would you go?: I would take my family to meet the rest of my family in England.

getting personal

Biggest Turn on: Confidence and a commanding personality

Biggest Turn off: Whining and bitching

Sexiest thing you own: Military boots

Ideal Date: Hiking and camping away from the world.

Hanky Color: Red

Ultimate Fantasy:

Sexiest Body Part: Like I said, the curve in the middle of her back.

Best song to strip to: "I'm Too Sexy" cuz it's too funny.

Does size matter? All that matters is skills. Although I don't have to worry about size I've got enough where it counts.

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