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A Miltown Kings show can be, and usually is, a million different things. It is a completely unique form of performance art. The Kings perform both individually as well as in group acts. The acts range from sexy to funny to thought provoking. Audience members are witness to political statements, gender fluidity and challenges to societal norms. Occasionally a fan will find a King on their lap. When the Kings perform, they give physical form to the music. Being on the stage allows the performers to explore any person they ever wanted to be. Each King has a distinct persona; there's the bad ass, the hopeless romantic, the goof ball, the dirty old man, etc. The possibilities are endless.

sugar st. clair

Sugar St. Clair Sugar St. Clair Sugar St. Clair Sugar St. Clair Sugar St. Clair


Philosophy/ Personal Statement: Life is nothing if I cannot create beauty within it.

Birthday: November 28th

Sign: Sagittarius

Eye Color: Aquamarine

Hair Color:Blonde Bombshell


Color: Dusty Rose

Animal:Feline persuasion

Movie: Amélie

Song: More like music – I will never tire of the sweet crooning of Billie Holiday

Food: Dessert. That’s a food, right?

Drink: Whisky Old Fashioned - Sour

Scent: Jasmine and vanilla

Hobby: Singing and dancing to classic musicals in the kitchen while cooking

Place to go: Antique stores

Cartoon: Futurama

Body Part: Lips

Role Model: My mother

Quote: “Même quand on l'a perdu, l'amour qu'on a connu vous laisse un goût de miel. L'amour, c'est éternel !” – Edith Piaf

for fun

What would you do with one million dollars?: Take a Mediterranean seaside vacation, firstly.

Prankster or Angel: Devil in disguise

Pet Peeve: Immaturity

Silk or Lace: Must I choose? Silk. Lace is beautiful but silk is delicious to touch.

Can you curl your tongue?: Wouldn't you like to know?

Best Super Power: My ability to create

Biggest Addiction: Coffee and bitter dark chocolate

If you could travel any where in the world, where would you go?: At this very moment I would travel back to France

getting personal

Biggest Turn on: Confidence

Biggest Turn off: A sense of entitlement

Sexiest thing you own: Furs

Ideal Date: Any evening that takes advantage of the finer things in life – a beautiful sunset, delicious food, and music.

Hanky Color:I do not believe there is a truly universal code…so rather than send you off thinking I’m into one thing or the other, I’ll just tell you that I like to be in control.

Ultimate Fantasy: Waking up to my light-filled Parisian sewing studio every morning with a hot cup of coffee.

Sexiest Body Part: Hands

Best song to strip to: Come Rain or Come Shine

Does size matter?: Size only matters when we’re talking about how much coffee you’re offering me.

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