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You've seen the shows. You want to give it a shot yourself. Here are ways to get on our stage!

How do I become a Miltown King?

This question gets asked to us all the time so I thought I'd post something about how we get new members. I'll be honest, we don't take a lot of new members and it is a slow process. This is mainly because we are already a pretty big troupe and we work on a consensus basis when we vote on a member (meaning all the current troupe members have to agree to admitting a new member). But don't be discouraged because we traditionally take about 2 new members a season through this process (though we don't have set #each season). The 2 things we look for in a troupe member: someone who it willing to do the behind the scene work that it take to put on our shows and someone who gels well in the group with low drama. Even if your new to the stage, we figure that can be learned where being a hard worker and being able to work in groups well cannot. So how do you catch our eyes?

1. first start by signing up for our guest page (click here to go to guest page) We have 2 guest performers spots each show-the rules to guesting are posted on that site.

2. volunteer to be stage or street crew.There is tons of behind the scene work that needs to be done- Let us get to know you and see that your willing to do the work.

Usually after you do these things and we get to know you a little we start by putting you in a group act...see how you work with our existing members..or ask you to be a featured guest in a show. From there we will keep you in the loop.

Kenny Duer
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