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get your sexy ass on our stage

You've seen the shows. You want to give it a shot yourself. Here are ways to get on our stage!

Would you like to be a guest's how to get signed up:

1. Sign up for the Miltown facebook group: Miltown Guest Perform

2. About a month before each show we will put out a message requesting guest performers. In that message we will let you know the date of the show and when the practices for that show will be.

3. Guest performers must be able to make one practice and the preshow meeting (which is 8:45pm on show day)

4. The first TWO performers who respond on this page and can make the requirements listed in #3 will be our guests for the show. PLEASE LET US KNOW WHICH PRACTICE YOU WILL BE ATTENDING IN YOUR MESSAGE if you would like to be considered.

5. Guests can not perform in 2 shows back to back. So everyone can join in the fun. We are open minded to King acts as well as Femme, gender neutral, solos, small or large group acts. We love it when people sing, rap, and play live music... You wonder if your act fits just send us a message and we will let you know. We do ask that you make sure that your act is piece of art that respects the rights of all genders, races, cultures, and religious backgrounds. Please remember The Miltown Kings is a people positive group. Please think about this when creating your act......

Make sure to check out every January for our annual Half and Half show where we share half our acts with guests from the community. Check out our Facebook for more information.

Check out the Youtube channel of our guest performers!

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