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Miltown Kings

past performers

Check out the Youtube channel of all our alumni!

Meet our alumni! Many talented performers have been a part of our troupe over the years. The long history of our troupe is built upon the hard work of these many members. Once a Miltown King, always a Miltown King.

Lady AreolaBettyCabby MaloneCaeserCece ToyCharlieCharlie WalkerCocoa ChapsConnie LingusDames BondEmma TartHansHunterJack B NimbleJohnnykenny duer/>MarioMocha D LiteNeilOliPeachespretty boiProp BoiQueen BRikkiRydherSissySleazy BSyd DeucerLittle Tommy Bang BangVanceVenus EnvyVikjohn wank Willy Pfister Windy Breeze

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